Chocolate week: Delicious drinks

Sensual chocolate


  • 2 oz Belvedere Vodka Intense
  • 1 oz melted semi sweet chocolate chips
  • .5 oz creme de cacao
  • 6 fresh blackberries
  • Muddle three blackberries
  1. Combine other ingredients and shake vigorously with ice.

  2. Mesh strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

  3. Garnish with fresh blackberries.
Raspberry white chocolate milkshake

  • 1.5 oz Belvedere Black Raspberry
  • 2 scoops "Green and Black" White Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Dash Godiva white choc liqueur
  • 5 raspberries
  • 1/2 oz. strawberry juice
  • Dash single cream
  1. Blend all ingredients and pour into a milkshake glass.

  2. Garnish with powdered raspberry and 2 straws.
Belvedere Choc Orange

  • 2 parts Belvedere Orange
  • Dash Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur
  • 1 part milk
  1. Shake ingredients and serve
Note: Can be served hot by steaming the milk; perfect for one of those chilly winter nights.


About Claire Smith:

Claire Smith joined Moët Hennessy in March 2003 as the UK Brand Ambassador for the then newly launched Belvedere Vodka. Previous to this appointment, Claire studied law at Nottingham Trent University and after graduation spent a year establishing and running various bars in the university town.

In 2001 while at university, Claire began to learn the art of creating a luxury cocktail at Nottingham's first cocktail bar, Synergy. Eager to master mixology and make a name for herself in the industry, Claire entered several cocktail competitions and ultimately won the UK's largest cocktail competition, 'Battle of the Giants' in late 2001.

After brief tenures as Brand Ambassador for vodka brands including Wyborowa and Luksusowa, Claire moved back into the world of mixology in London, working at upscale hotspots including Lonsdale and The Rockwell and studying under two of London's most respected barmen, expert mixologists Dick Bradsell and Henry Besant.

One year later, in 2003, Claire joined Moët Hennessy UK to become the Belvedere Vodka Ambassador and was later promoted to International Communications Manager and currently holds the title Head of Spirit Creation and Mixology.

In this role, Claire is responsible for creating and perfecting Belvedere's new flavors in addition to designing cocktails and setting and identifying key mixology and vodka trends.

In 2009, Claire introduced Belvedere Black Raspberry, a new maceration she spearheaded the creation of to complement Belvedere's other macerations: Citrus and Orange.

Claire is considered one of the most respected authorities on vodka and mixology worldwide, and is regularly interviewed by industry and consumer magazines including The New York Times, GQ, Wine Spectator, Drinks Business, among many others.

Most recently, Claire appeared on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien (December 2009) and The Today Show (August 2009). Claire currently resides in New York City after moving in May 2009 from London, England. She frequently travels around the world as the face of Belvedere Vodka.

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