8-year-old gets DNA during sister's kidnap attempt


The family says while on vacation a man grabbed Nathan Kuhns' 4-year-old sister and tried to pull her into his car. That's when Nathan attacked.

First he grabbed his sister's arm and pulled her away from the man, and then he turned back around and kicked and scratched him.

When police began questioning Nathan, he calmly explained that he had the suspect's DNA under his fingernails. When asked how he knew about DNA, Nathan explained he learned by watching NCIS on TV.

"Why did you scratch him?" asked a reporter.

"To get his DNA," said Nathan.

"How did you know about DNA? What is DNA?" asked a reporter.

"DNA is something that you get to put someone in jail that did something that they shouldn't have," said Nathan.

Nathan's sister says she's happy her brother saved her life, but also noted that "sometimes he's mean to me."

As for Nathan, he doesn't understand all the fuss -- telling one reporter he's "told the story a lot and is starting to get tired of it."

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