Mountain lion spotted in San Anselmo again


Sunday's sighting was reported at about 9 p.m. in the driveway of a home on Oak Avenue, according to police.

When officers searched the area, no signs of a mountain lion turned up but the California Department of Fish and Game as well as the Marin County Humane Society were notified, police said.

Officers also went door-to-door to distribute a neighborhood advisement along with tips from Fish and Game about what to do in the event of an encounter with a mountain lion.

The sighting Sunday was the second in two weeks, with a sighting reported at about 7 a.m. May 14, according to police.

A resident of Fernwood Drive told police his wife saw a mountain lion on their property eating a deer carcass.

Residents are advised to not approach mountain lions, and to try to appear large and make noise if one is nearby. The cats are most active at dawn, dusk and night.

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