Arrest made in SF bicyclists' hit and run


A victim who spoke to ABC7 says this arrest offers a bit of relief.

The SUV left at the scene gave police some strong clues; they found a wallet, cell phone, and keys inside. They also had the vehicle registration information, yet they kept running into dead ends.

"We attempted to reach the registered owner to no avail. We attempted to go to registered owner's address that was on the registration. It was determined he had moved," said San Francisco Police Sgt. Jon Kasper.

They went to his new address, but he wasn't there either. They even set up surveillance, but it was the suspect himself who helped them crack the case when he made a strange move on Friday.

"The registered owner went to Albany Police Department to report his vehicle was stolen in a carjacking that occurred in the city," said Kasper.

Police didn't buy the story and ended up arresting him for Wednesday night's attacks on cyclists. They believe he hit four cyclists on purpose in the Mission and Potrero Hill neighborhoods before crashing his car into a pole and running away.

"The victims and witnesses said that he actually drove on wrong side of the road and they could hear the engine roaring as the vehicle was approaching them," said Kasper.

"I'm just glad the person's not still out there on the road," said Rory Madden.

Madden was one of the four men hit Wednesday night.

"I was only a block from my house and I saw something coming at me, from the corner of my eye. I managed to swing out of the way and avoid the full brunt of an impact," said Madden.

He's got some swollen ankles, cuts and bruises, but he says his bike took the biggest hit in the crash. Madden says now that there's a man in custody. He would like to hear him answer for the crime, but he also has low expectations.

"It doesn't make any sense that anybody would do that, so whatever he has to say is not going to make sense," said Madden.

The three other victims are still in the hospital; two of them are in serious condition.

The suspect's name was released on Friday because the jail rejected him when he arrived and sent him off for a medical evaluation. Police won't elaborate on that, but when he is booked that is when they plan to release his name. The suspect will face several charges including attempted murder, but police say they don't know the motive of the crime.

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