Best of San Mateo County Fair

About the San Mateo County Fair:

The San Mateo County Fair and all the pig races, carnival rides and Rick Springfield you can handle is right around the corner and fun for the entire family!

To some children in the Bay Area, seeing cows and chickens can be just an exotic experience! Nick takes us on a behind the scenes look of the San Mateo County Fair - the Peninsula's Festival"!

Special feature exhibit Rancho California was developed to provide children and families a fun method of learning about production agriculture.

Learn to be a "Wee Farm Hand", guests enter Rancho California through a traditional red and white barn, where they receive their work aprons and harvest baskets.

From here, visitors pass by growing flower and vegetable gardens to the Seed & Feed Station, where they plant their own seeds and collect grains for feeding some of the baby goats, cattle, poultry, and other farm animals on display.

Rancho California gives people of all ages a place to learn by doing. From planting pumpkin seeds to seeing demonstrations on hydroponics, or even just making butter, people will learn about where our food comes from in a way they've never seen before.

Other features include a waterfowl exhibit, where birds of all types will swim and splash. Actual crops will be growing on-site, so patrons can view them in the harvesting process, and an egg hatchery will be displayed, where baby ducks and chicks will make their first appearance in the world.

To "learn by doing", stations are available where visitors will be guided through picking orchard fruit, collecting eggs, milking cows and more. Throughout the exhibit, "Fair Money" is earned and later redeemed for prizes at the Country Store.

Demonstrations by volunteers will also be held throughout the week, as guests work together trying ice cream, cheese, and lotion making, weaving, spinning wool and others.

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