Intel shows off new innovations on Research Day


They are all part of Intel's newest research and development innovations billed Wednesday at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View.

"Increasingly, it's how do we use technology to really enhance the human experience," said Intel's Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner.

"What's coming is a generation of devices that really become our friends, our personal assistants that will understand us, understand how we live and work and they'll be constantly ahead of us, thinking about what's next," he added.

The Intel Smart Car is powered by 4G technology and connects to the internet, uploading information to a server. The owner can access all of the information remotely from anywhere in the world through a handheld device or laptop.

So, on a cold day, you start the engine and warm the car to any temperature you want remotely before you even get into the car. Cameras mounted in the car and focused inside and out act as security monitors. If a break-in occurs, the cameras record the event and sound the alarm, notifying you by texting your cell phone or laptop. You can bring up a video of the actual burglary in process.

Perhaps the most practical invention and one that may be on the market soon, is a device that measures the amount of energy every device in your home uses, from the microwave to the furnace to the toaster. Intel created a single sensor which you can plug anywhere in your home that wirelessly reports the energy consumption of each device you turn on.

Another device can calculate the costs of that electrical usage. Rattner says the technology is so good "it can practically tell you the model number of your refrigerator or dishwasher."

While all of the inventions are exciting, some can be dangerous, like the device which can read your mind. It is still in R&D infancy, maybe 10 to 20 years down the road. It uses exotic brain scanning technology to record brain activity patterns and decodes them through direct brain-to-computer interfaces.

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