Teaching civil rights to your kids

The following 10 statements come from the Harvey Milk Academy's first grade class and they speak truth to power. Kids teaching kids about what it means to be tolerant.

  1. Accepting Everyone
  2. Rights for All
  3. Violence is hateful
  4. Everybody wants to be loved
  5. You are the one to make the world a better place
  6. Make peace everywhere
  7. Including everyone in friendship
  8. Loving people that are different
  9. Kindness for those who are hurting
    10. Hoping for Human Rights.
In addition, it is important that parents take action to these statements in the following ways:
  1. Parents need to make sure their children's and their friends include a diverse group of people. Allow kids to have experiences beyond your own family experience. Make "play dates" intentionally diverse such as playing in a different neighborhood and extending play to schoolmates beyond your own classroom.

  2. Making sure kids and families have opportunities to learn from primary sources. Parents should select multicultural literature that is culturally relevant and meaningful. Selecting books that speak to social just issues.

  3. Empowering kids to give back to a community and people that may be struggling. Teaching them that their empathy can actually support others.

  4. Teach your children to be non-violent. Teach them to be problem solvers that use their words impeccably.

  5. Teach children to advocate for others.
For information on The Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy and how you can help go to harveymilk.com

About the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy:
Mission Statement

The mission of the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy is to empower student learning by teaching tolerance and non-violence, celebrating diversity, achieving academic excellence, and fostering strong family-school-community connections.

At Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, parents will be encouraged to become an active participant in their child's educational journey.

Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy is a small alternative school in the Castro and named after its most famous persona: Harvey Milk! Committed to developing literacy skills in an enriched environment.

Science and math are emphasized in a hands-on, inquiry-based curriculum. The social studies program emphasizes global awareness and student activism. The school library, visual and performing arts, field trips, outdoor education, computers, and music enhance our strong academic program.

Educational needs of children are also met by providing services for GATE students, a Resource Specialist Program, a Computer Teacher, Literacy Specialist, Tutors, ELD instruction and extensive Health Resources on site. Children are assigned to "Families" that meet to foster cross-grade activities. There are before and after school programs and enrichment clubs.

The Academy has an open door policy to parents, and believe all staff and parents should be involved in the decision-making process within the school. Focus is on helping children develop self-control and a personal commitment to values with such programs as 1st PASS and Conflict Managers.

The overall objective is to guide the development of a well-rounded human being who has the ability, skills and attitude to become a contributing asset to self, family, community and society.

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