Rules for making delicious tea

Mariage Frères' five golden rules for making tea successfully

    Un: For black teas, matured teas, blue teas and flavoured teasm, un pre-heat the teapot, after inserting the tea strainer or filter, by rinsing it with boiling water.

    Deux: Place a teaspoon of tea (roughly 2.5 g) per cup in the warm strainer and let it stand for a few moments, allowing the steam to begin developing the leaves' aroma.

    Trois: Pour simmering water on the tea so that all the leaves are covered.

    Quatre: Let the tea steep (refer to chart) About 2 minutes for fannings About 3 minutes for broken leaf teas About 5 minutes for whole leaf teas Barely 3 minutes do the first flush Darjeeling (slightly increasing the amount of tea to 3.5 g per cup) 7 minutes for blue teas

    Cinq: It is then essential to remove the strainer or filter containing the leaves. the tea must then be stirred (another important step) and finally poured. Teas from great gardens should not be drunk too hot; let them stand a few moments after steeping, so that the palate can better appreciate the most subtle of fragrances.
White and green teas:
    Un: Pre-heat the pot or chung (cup with cover) as above.

    Deux: Place the appropriate amount of tea per person or cup (refer to chart). Let the tea leaves stand for a few moments to allow the steam to begin developing the aroma.

    Trois: Place the appropriate amount of tea per person or cup (refer to chart).

    Quatre: Let the tea steep (refer to chart) : For green tea, 1 to 3 minutes For the white tea Yin Zhen, 15 minutes For the white teas Pain Mu Tan, 7 minutes

    Cinq: Remove the tea leaves, stir and serve.
*Use a cotton tea taster filter if no strainer comes with the teapot.

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