EA previews its hottest new video games


Electronic Arts hosted a summer showcase and previewed 15 games which will be in stores in the next few months.

EA is the world's biggest game producer with a slew of best sellers, but they can't rest because more people are getting involved, which means more competition.

"The whole industry, the whole genre has exploded in the last 10 years. It used to be some young boy in a basement on his PC and now it is men, women, young people, older people," Jeff Brown from EA said

About 50 percent of "The Sims" users are girls and women ages 12-24. This game also happens to be the best selling PC game of all time.

"With "Sims Late Night Expansion," we announced today you can become a mixologist, you can become a celebrity, night club operator or even become a vampire," EA PR director Brooke Bauguess said.

There is also a new edition of Madden NFL Football, the NFL Training Camp game brought out 49ers linebacker Patrick Simms and NHL and NBA games have a more realistic look.

Technology just keeps getting better.

"We're giving controls using joystick to create moves like Kobe or LeBron would on the court," NBA-NHL games director David Littman said.

Mixed martial arts got more realistic when fighter Bas Ritten went one-on-one.

"We try to hire the best talent and make them rich. We're in the entertainment business," Brown said.

EA has at least 20 percent of the video game market. In the last quarter, they made close to $1 billion.

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