Hollywood movie gives economic boost to Oakland


On Monday at the Oakland Coliseum movie magic got underway. The film "Moneyball" portrays the 2002 Oakland Athletics' amazing winning streak. The winner of this Hollywood game is the city itself.

"When a film is here in town, they spend money not only on hotels, but restaurants, dry cleaning, office supplies," says Ami Zins, an Oakland film coordinator.

The city doesn't give tax breaks but the state offers incentives to keep moviemaking and its dollars in California. There's no firm estimate yet, but there will definitely be a boost to the local economy and to civic pride. After all it's not every day Brad Pitt comes to town.

Filming just began on Monday, but an advance team of cast and crew has already been out and about. They create a buzz whenever they drop in at Francesco's -- a family owned and operated restaurant near the Coliseum.

"Just feeling like you're involved with it and everybody is here and kind of excited," says Denise Gomez at Francesco's Restaurant.

Pitt might come to Francesco's for a meal. His people called to ask if he could come through the back door.

"Sure come back through any door," says Gomez.

That excitement is also felt by the long lines of people who've come from all over for the chance to be extras in the movies.

"I want to be a star just like Brad Pitt. I've waited all my life to be in the movies," says Oakland resident Johnny Salinas.

Hundreds will be paid and thousands of others will be volunteers filling seats in the stadium.

"It's really important for Oaklanders to get an opportunity to celebrate their city and know we're valuable to Hollywood," says Zins.

Filming for "Moneyball" is expected to last 10 days.

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