Raiders' running backs gear up for season


Most NFL teams have a one-two punch at running back and the Raiders are no different. This season they'll break out "Thunder" and "Lightning" -- Michael Bush and Darren MacFadden.

"Michael is a guy with a lot of size and mass as well as quickness, but Darren is a little smoother and a little quicker. So maybe there'll be some things that one does better than the other and we'll play to that a little bit," says Raiders head coach Tom Cable.

Both players have a mutual respect for each other's game.

"He's a speed guy, he can make moves on you as well, he can be powerful," says Bush.

"People think because he's a big guy, he doesn't have very good feet, but I feel like he has very good feet. You know, he's a guy who gets in the hole and can put a move on someone," says McFadden.

Bush ran for 589 yards last year and 5 touchdowns, while McFadden logged 357 yards and a touchdown, but Darren also caught 21 passes for 245 yards. Both players have good hands.

"We can both catch out of the backfield so you never know how to game plan for us," says Bush.

With Thunder wearing them down, so Lightning can run by them, this is a perfect storm.

"I think we'll be a very effective tandem. You know in the NFL, I feel like you need two backs to be able to go through a 16-game season. We're working hard in camp trying to get better," says McFadden.

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