SUV climbs over police car during chase


Police have released video a high speed chase that came to a dramatic end in Rockville, Maryland. The officer was chasing a carjacked SUV last month when he trapped it on a one lane bridge. He knew the driver couldn't get out and run, but he didn't expect what came next.

"First I admitted this is great, because the driver's side door is pinned on the door, and the passenger's side is pinned on the bridge, they can't get out. They can't even run. And next thing you know I see a reverse, that's my call, this is good, and it came at me, and first I thought if it hit me, it would just hit me. I didn't think it would drive over me like Big Foot," said Montgomery County Police Officer Seth Carson.

The SUV pulled into reverse and tried to run over the squad car. Officer Carson said he saw it coming and ducked down as low as possible in his squad car.

The three teenagers in the car have been charged with stealing the car and marijuana possession.

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