'Hummer mom' makes first court appearance


Forty-two-year-old Christine Hubbs is being held on more than $4 million bail. The children she is accused of having sex with boys who were barely teenagers when it started.

The courthouse in Pleasanton was packed on Monday. Hubbs was in tears just seconds after she entered it to make her brief five-minute appearance. Hubbs, who has a private attorney, did not enter a plea Monday. The judge let her $4.3 million bail stand.

Friends say the so-called "Hummer mom," who lived in a beautiful upscale Livermore home, had a secret life.

"I'm shocked. I am just shocked and devastated for her family," said family friend Janice Grant.

Hubbs faces 67 counts of sexual assault for having sex with two boys starting when they were just 13 years old. The Hubbs family is Mormon and many of their church friends went to court to show their support.

"The Christine that my husband and I know, and have known for years and years, is a loving mother who, it's so hard to believe this is happening. I would say don't jump to conclusions until you know everything," says family friend Robyn Azevedo.

Police arrested Hubbs last week after an adult found nude pictures of her on one of the victim's cell phones. Police say the crimes started in December of 2008. The encounters involved gifts and sex in her black Hummer and various hotel rooms. Her well-known defense attorney asked for a week to look over the evidence before entering a plea.

"I received a significant amount of discovery from the district attorney," defense attorney Jules Bonjour says. "I want to review it. I want to go through it very carefully before making any comment on the case."

Hubbs' husband was in court Monday. Tim Hubbs is a well-known and successful dentist. His practice is less than two miles from their home. The couple has three children and many people are thinking about the toll this explosive scandal is taking on them.

"I don't know what was going through her mind. I don't know. I just, whatever... I hope she gets help," Grant said. "I hope her family can make it through this, her kids, her husband, they're a fantastic family."

Hubbs will be back in court in Pleasanton in one week. The judge ordered her not to attempt to communicate with either of the two alleged victims in the case.

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