SFMTA unveils clipper fare gates and machines


Today, the agency plans to unveil the first Clipper-ready fare gates and vending machines, which it anticipates will make the Clipper card even more convenient for users.

Since spring, preparations have been underway for the installation of the fare gates, and installation of the Clipper-compatible ticket vending machines began earlier this month.

SFMTA Executive Director Nat Ford will join the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Jon Rubin this morning at the Civic Center Muni Metro Station to showcase and demonstrate the cash-less fare gates.

On June 16, when the SFMTA launched the all-in-one Clipper transit card, the days of the paper Muni Fast Pass became numbered.

Customers already using TransLink cards can continue to do so on the new system, but by the end of October, certain Muni customers will need to obtain a Clipper Card before purchasing a November monthly pass.

The upgrades, a $30.1 million fare equipment project, are paid for in part by $11 million in federal stimulus funds and additional grants from federal, state and regional sources, according to the SFMTA.

The equipment demonstration will take place on the east end of the Civic Center station's Mezzanine level at 10:30 a.m.

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