Appliance cancellation turns into eight-month ordeal


Seta Shirikian went to the Sears outlet in Hayward in September of 2009 and bought a refrigerator, dishwasher and a range. But eight days before her scheduled delivery, she changed her mind.

"I thought the order was cancelled, but in October I received a bill for the whole amount," Seta said.

Sears correctly gave her a credit for the refrigerator, but left the charges for the dishwasher and range. The store told her those items were supposed to be delivered from a warehouse.

"They said OK, give us couple of days, we need to keep in touch with the warehouse and see if it's already left the warehouse," Seta said.

Two more months went by before the charge for the dishwasher was removed, but Sears still insisted on charging her for the range.

"They couldn't find the proof of delivery. They didn't know if the merchandise left the warehouse. All they knew is that there is a bill that I haven't paid," Seta said.

In all, Sears would send her seven bills for merchandise she cancelled and said she never received.

"I called every month and I e-mailed. I called every month and as I said every time I talked to somebody, they say they will follow up with the problem and they never do," Seta said.

Finally in May she contacted 7 On Your Side and we contacted Sears. Two days later, they promised her a credit and the bill was corrected in July.

"Oh, I was relieved, I was relieved. Thank God it was solved after eight months," Seta said.

Sears blamed the problem on a systems glitch and they declined to elaborate.

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