Tips to protect your kid from window shade dangers

August 31, 2010 7:25:56 AM PDT
Millions of window shades have been recalled because of strangulation dangers, but these kinds of shades continue to be sold. Here is some important information to protect a child near you.

A child dies every two weeks after becoming entangled in a window covering cord. Good Housekeeping researchers say the dangers aren't as obvious as you might first think.

"People really don't understand the risk is, because a lot of people know about the pull cord which is the cord that raises and lowers the shades, and they think if there's no loop there, that they're safe. The inner cord is what is the problem on blinds. Children have been known to get their fingers in here and pull on this cord creating a loop which they can put around their neck and then strangle themselves," said Stacy Genovese of Good Housekeeping.

As a safe alternative, consider buying honeycomb shades. The inner cords are still there, but children can't get to them -- thus eliminating the risk.