CARE seeks more attention for Pakistan flood victims


The floods started in July, along 620 miles of the Indus River. CARE says 20 million people are affected. That's almost 15 percent of the population. The numbers are just staggering, according to CARE's chief operating officer, Steve Hollingworth.

"There are five million people who lost their homes, eight million people temporarily displaced living in makeshift camps within Pakistan; 1.2 million houses have been destroyed as a result of this," said Hollingworth. "About 400 hospitals and clinics have been destroyed."

You can learn more this Friday night at a CARE sponsored forum in San Francisco hosted by musician Michael Franti, an ambassador for CARE. He has a big concert on Saturday at Golden Gate Park.

For more information, visit The Power to the Peaceful Global Action Forum & Celebration website

The American Red Cross is also helping with relief efforts in Pakistan, as well as natural disasters in this country. Wednesday, they received some great news. San Jose-based Cisco and the Cisco Foundation pledged $600,000 to help the Red Cross provide first aid, food and shelter for disaster response.

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