49ers fire offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye


Singletary didn't have his usual swagger at his news conference and said he received no pressure from the front office to make this move.

"One thing I want you to understand here, if I make a decision, it's my decision," said Singletary.

The 49er offense under Raye had no identity. They couldn't decide if they wanted to be a run first offense with Frank Gore or a spread offense with quarterback Alex Smith. 49er players were not happy with the production, but Singletary claims they had no influence on his decision.

"I would not make a decision based on the players. I think that can get real tricky," said Singletary.

Johnson has been with the 49ers for two years, he's young, he was a quarterback at the pro level, and the players seem to relate to him.

"I think Mike is the great communicator. I think Mike is a great teacher. I think he's a visionary. I think he understands what we're trying to accomplish," said Singletary.

"I think it is a good move. It's an awesome move. I mean, like I said, coach Johnson is a talented young man. He's young and he's hungry," said tight end Vernon Davis.

In my experience in the NFL, this is the first move a head coach makes before he loses his own job. There were also hints of dissension in the locker room.

There's too much talent on this offense not to be more effective and the ball is now in Johnson's court.

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