Company fails to help woman find lost dog


Robin Apodaca and her husband are pounding the pavement looking for their dog Chip. They are putting up posters in the Antioch area, where the Chihuahua went missing August 31.

"He's my baby; I have his little puppy baby book since he was this little, he's my son," Robin said.

Robin frequently visits the county animal shelter, hoping to find Chip there. She has also been checking with veterinarians like the East Hills Veterinary Hospital.

Robin paid $17 to Home Again for it to send out missing pet alerts on Chip. She says East Hills was one of the places that were supposed to get the alert. But 7 On Your Side was there when the clinic told her it never received alerts of any kind from Home Again.

"They keep reassuring me they did send out the alert and now that the shelter doesn't have it, the vet we went to earlier doesn't have it," Robin said.

7 On Your Side contacted Home Again and the company admitted there had been a fax glitch and 44 clinics and shelters had not received the alert.

After 7 On Your Side's inquiry, Home Again said the problem was fixed and the alerts were sent. 7 On Your Side wanted to know who received the alerts, but the company refused to tell us.

7 On Your Side did learn that at least one clinic, East Hills, received the alert.

It still has not done any good, and the couple is now offering a $1,000 reward for Chip's safe return.

Robin is saving this little squeaky toy to give to Chip for his first birthday when he returns.

"If anybody knows who has my baby, or if you have my baby, please just bring him home to me, call me ," she said.

Home Again has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau.

If you know of Chip's whereabouts, please call 925-565-9785.

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