Cops seize thousands of pot plants in Brentwood


Nearly 15,000 pot plants, in all, $30 million worth of marijuana, were hidden within rows of corn, spaced 10 feet apart so as to draw water from the farm's irrigation system.

Once the plants were pulled from the cornfield, a helicopter lifted them onto a trailer.

"All day long there's been constant helicopters pulling out, massive amount of pot plants from Palm Track over there, probably six feet tall, by eight or 10 feet wide, probably every 20 minutes," Cindy Caprio, owner of the nearby Orwood Resort, said.

Police found an encampment for about four people, but they ran before officers could get to the pot grow, which was about a half mile from the nearest road.

John Williams was fishing with friends nearby.

"We fish out here all the time and it could've been right over my shoulder, I had no clue, I guess they knew what they were doing, until today," he said.

Officers did not make any arrests, but did question nearby residents. At one point during the raid, the residents of one home say police handcuffed them, searched their home and then released them when officers found no evidence related to the pot.

Once all the plants were harvested, the pot-filled trailer was covered with a tarp and escorted from the area by two marked police cars.

The trailer, witnesses say, carried a distinctive smell as it drove away.

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