SJ police seek suspect after kidnapping and stabbing


Police say 28-year old Brian Bui Adrong confronted them in their residence on Lucena drive Sunday morning.

"They had been fighting a lot, but they were fighting by mouth, you know what I mean, talking. But he never did nothing [physically]," La's mother Mai La said.

When Adrong saw them through the bedroom window Sunday morning, he got into he house, grabbed a steak knife and stabbed the new man in La's life.

Then, either La left willingly with her boyfriend r she was kidnapped, as police are inclined to believe.

"We're getting some conflicting stories, we are getting some details, we are getting some details that need to be ironed out, but what I can tell you certain is that we are dealing with a violent act and we want to try to find the people that are involved and their welfare," Sgt. Ronnie Lopez from the San Jose Police Department said.

The stabbing victim staggered out of the house and down the street and asked a neighbor to call 911. His name is not being released and police said he is in stable condition

Adrong is acquainted with one of the victims, but the motive for the attack and abduction is unclear.

Police say whether she went willingly or not, Judy La is with a violent man and Mai La is worried for her daughter's well being.

"I don't know what happens right now," she said. "She is OK or she is hurt. You know what I mean, so I have no idea either."

Authorities say the suspect may be driving his own car, a black 2001 Lexus with license plate number 6DSJ212.

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