Bluetooth-like camcorder constantly records

An afternoon at the newly restored carousel in Golden Gate Park is a family moment you want to capture on video, but probably not while hanging onto a pole and while hanging on to your camcorder. That's why Karin Bildsøe is wearing hers on her ear.

Robert Kron tried out the same device as he chipped one onto the green. When he is finished, Kron just presses a button to save the clip of his last golf shot. Keeping your head is vital in the game of golf.

On this camera, there is no start-stop button to record. The camera is recording all the time -- in fact, the last five hours of everything is seen.

When you press the button, you're telling it to save the last thing that happened -- make a 30 second clip going back in time -- which it then can send to your phone.

The video is not on the phone. It's in the camera, which is called Looxcie. Looxcie streams the video over Bluetooth.

In the phone there is an app to edit longer clips, and to send them through email. In fact, the camera itself can post video directly to popular websites, when you hold the save button.

Kron is with the company that developed the technology. He says, "We have people refer to it as life blogging, to capture unexpected moments."

For $199, don't expect Hi-Def video. Looxcie records what's called half-VGA, or 480 x 320 pixels and it's 15 frames per second. That happens to be fine for the web.

And there are other Bluetooth cameras, some less expensive, some attach to helmets, and others to clothing.

Kron says, "We chose to put something on the ear, because the head's actually a very stable platform to mount it on."

The Bildsøe family is visiting from Denmark. From the carousel, with the push of a button, they can show friends back home what they just did.

Twitter sends 140 characters of text; Looxcie sends 30 seconds of video.

Welcome to Twideo.

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