Corroded windows cause problems for homeowner

SAN FRANCISCO When Guia Starks had the windows replaced on her house, she found out the contractor had installed aluminum trim instead of wood and four years later, the first signs of trouble began. "I saw some bubbling on the window trim. I called the contractor and he said he's going to come and fix it but nobody ever came," she said. The next sign of trouble came when Ghia climbed a ladder to hang Christmas decorations. She saw the bubbles up close and ran her hand over them. "And my hand just went right through the aluminum thing they put around the window. it has corroded," she said. Ghia found there were actually holes behind the bubbles -- some holes the size of a small donut. She pictures of the damage and how she tried to spackle over them. "My biggest worry was water could get in and it could ruin the whole siding of the house," she said. She called the contractor, Advanced Design in San Francisco, but she says the company did not respond. Months went by and Ghia filed a complaint with the better business bureau and still no reply. "I had been watching Channel 7 and Michael Finney and 7 on Your Side, I'm going to try and call them," she said. She called us and we contacted Advanced Design. The company looked into her case and weeks later, replaced all the frames around the windows and garage. The company said the problem was caused by chemicals in the pressure treated wood underneath the aluminum. The contractor placed a protective lining under the new frames, saying, "We did take care of it and hopefully she is happy and has no issues in the future." "I feel so good it's really great now. It's almost the holidays, I could hang my Christmas decorations there and I won't be so worried -- 7 On Your Side really helped me a lot and it was so good," Ghia said. Advanced Design did not respond to our request for a statement about what happened in this case, though as you can see the company made things right with the family.
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