Carly Fiorina concedes U.S. Senate race


In claiming victory, four-term Boxer acknowledged the fierce contest with Fiorina was the toughest of Boxer's long political career.

"This is my eleventh straight election victory...and what a sweet one it is!" said Boxer.

While Boxer celebrated, Fiorina refused to concede, until nearly 12 hours later when she finally addressed supporters in Irvine.

"We won with independents, but in the end, we could not overcome registration advantage of Democrats have, in particular in L.A. County," said Fiorina.

"We are California! That's what our state's about!" shouted Boxer on election night.

In the end, in California, the longtime incumbent actually managed to turn back the tide that swept so many of her colleagues away in other parts of the country.

Boxer may have won the election, but she's well aware that there are many struggles ahead, especially when it comes to reviving the economy and restoring Americans' faith that she one that can help get it done.

"That really means making sure our small businesses can grow. It means making sure we stimulate the economy without adding to the deficit," said Boxer.

Business leaders say Boxer needs to make sure she channels her efforts in ways that truly help California and the Bay Area.

"It's very, very important to the Bay Area and to California and the rest of the country to have a strategy on how the United States competes with the rest of the world when it comes to providing mobility for its people and its goods and we don't have that. Barbara Boxer can play a big role in that," said Bay Area Council president and CEO Jim Wunderman.

"The fight is not over, the fight has just beginning," said Fiorina

As her opponent pointed out, when Boxer returns to Washington, there will be much disagreement and the veteran senator will have to reach across the aisle, perhaps many more times, than ever before.

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