2 killed, 1 injured from shooting in Vacaville


Just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday, Vacaville police responded to reports of shots fired at the William Street Apartments. They found a woman on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds.

"Officers began administering first aid to the female and on further investigation, found out the residence that she was living at, there were two men inside that also had gunshot wounds. They were dead," Lt. Bob Denton from Vacaville Police said.

About the same time, police started getting calls about a man with a gun headed for the police station a few blocks away. He smashed three windows of the police lobby, one of them by throwing his gun at it. Police Tased him as he was leaving and arrested him. He's identified as 18-year-old Vacaville resident Richard Ruben Calkins.

"I would like at this time to commend the officers who arrested Calkins. They demonstrated extreme restraint in contacting a person who was armed, who had just committed two homicides and attempted a third," Denton said.

Solano county residents Mark Holder and Lisa Belperio say they knew one of the victims.

"[He was] very polite, good-hearted young man, probably with the wrong people at the wrong time. He was a good kid," Holder said.

They say they don't know why anyone would want to hurt him.

"Today's society is not like it used to be. When I grew up we fought with our hands, today they fight with guns," Holder said.

According to Police, everyone involved is a Vacaville resident. The two dead men were 20 and 21 years old and the woman victim is at UC Davis Medical Center. All they can say about her status is that she is not in critical condition.

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