Organization files complaint against Hooters chain


Mona Lisa Wallace and Tina Gillmor served NOW's complaint to San Bruno police officers. They're charging that Hooters advertises its business as a restaurant rather than as a sex entertainment establishment.

"What concerns us is that children are being served in a sexual establishment business," Wallace said.

Hooters is known as a place where the female wait staff is clad in scanty attire and just the name alone is suggestive. NOW says the restaurant chain is breaking local and state laws admitting children into an adult establishment and add that the merchandise they sell is suggestive as well.

"This [t-shirt] says 'Hooters girl in the making.' So encouraging a child to be a sexual entertainer is prurient and against the law in California," Wallace said.

Hooters did not return ABC7's call to respond to the charges, but lots of people we spoke with defended them.

"It's not like they're showing anything that's not meant to be seen and they have good food, I must tell you," Hooters customer Dean Botelho said.

Nicole Elliott is the mother of two children and she used to be Hooters girl. She says the restaurant is definitely family oriented.

"That was part of our job to help them with the kids' balloons, like I said hula hoops, games," she said.

Not everyone defended Hooters though, as some think the restaurant's theme is degrading.

"I'd never want one of my children to work there. I have two girls, I don't want them to think the environment is OK," parent Mo O'Connell said.

But Christopher Buescher, a parent himself, says he doesn't give a hoot about bringing his boy there.

"I would have to say now that he's stopped breast feeding he might just want to go to Hooters," he said.

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