32 years on the job, and never a sick day

After 32 years on the job, Santa Clara Sheriff's employee Lindley Zink never called in sick.

December 30, 2010 12:00:00 AM PST
The third in command of the Santa Clara Sheriff's Department has never called in sick, and never had an unscheduled day off.

Now, after 32 years on the job, assistant sheriff Lindley Zink is retiring.

The 56-year-old spent Thursday cleaning out his office and tomorrow he'll be a no show at work - something he hasn't done since 1978.

"I've never called in sick. I've been sick, but when I've had the flu, It's always been on a weekend," said Lindley Zink, retiring assistant sheriff.

Zink is getting a lump sum of $59,000 cash for all of uncollected sick time. Along with the cash - Zink's pension will allow him to collect 90 percent of his $185,000 salary for the rest of his life.