Some not surprised by Daly's outburst

January 5, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
The political battle to name an interim mayor in San Francisco rages on and some believe that outgoing Supervisor Chris Daly has embarrassed himself and the city by his behavior.

In the past he's been the target of a proposed code of conduct. He was once given a bar of soap, but Daly believes if he followed proper decorum, you might not pay as much attention to his message. One phrase he used last night has become a social media sensation.

"It's on like Donkey Kong," said Daly.

It's a phrase popularized by rapper Ice Cube off his Predator album. It's also a reference to a video game. San Francisco's bad boy supervisor launched the verbal throwdown at former ally, board president David Chiu.

"I will haunt you," said Daly to Chiu.

"While he certainly issued a threat, it wasn't the first time he's done that and for those of us in public life, we all have thick skins," said Chiu.

Chiu received the tongue-lashing after he defied his progressive colleagues who thought they had it in the bag for Sheriff Mike Hennessey to be chosen as interim mayor.

"I'm still trying to understand why that choice was unacceptable," said Supervisor David Campos.

Hennessey has been elected sheriff eight times and is no stranger to drama at the board.

"I've had budget battles down there for 30 years and I'm used to the give and take at the Board of Supervisors and I feel like I can hold my own," said Hennessey.

For now he's on the losing end of the mayor-go-round. City administrator Ed Lee has emerged as the top choice. Mayor Newsom calls him the perfect candidate.

"The only guy that there were no deals made last night, the only person that there were no personnel decision discussions about with any of the supervisors was Ed Lee," said Newsom.

As for last night's Daly outburst, Newsom said it was a "civic embarrassment."

"Ditto" says Mark Farrell, one of the new supervisors who will actually make the official mayoral choice after Newsom leaves for Sacramento.

"Last night was political theater here in San Francisco and it showed a lot of the reasons why I think people want the new board to select an interim mayor," said Farrell.

Daly tells ABC7 he has no regrets about expressing what he calls his righteous indignation.

And in reference to Daly's quote, "It's on like Donkey Kong," Chiu says, "When I was younger, I played Donkey Kong and I wasn't bad at it."

Chiu and the other supervisors will take another swing at naming an interim mayor on Friday. Keep in mind, the incoming board will be sworn in the very next day and Newsom has delayed taking the oath as lieutenant governor until Monday to give that new board the final say.