CHP arrest 4 men in Dewey Tucker murder case

January 12, 2011 12:00:00 AM PST
Exactly one year to the day after a tragic murder, the CHP announces the arrests of four men for the crime. They are suspected in the murder of a talented young Bay Area musician killed in a case of mistaken identity.

Dewey Tucker at age 17 posted a music video on YouTube where's he is playing the guitar. Just four months later the talented Vallejo teen picked up a bass and eventually found himself playing with the likes of Lauren Hill, Bobby Brown, and Chico Debarge.

"He's always been a part of my life because even though he traveled the world, Dewey would call me from whatever part of the world he was in," said Dewey's mother, Shirley Tucker.

At 24, he was shot to death on a stormy night while driving down I-80 at Cummings Skyway, near Crocket.

"The victim, Dewey Tucker, was not the intended target," said CHP Sgt. Trent Green.

Exactly one year to the date of Dewey's murder, the CHP announced the arrest of four men believed to be gang members from Santa Rosa. The alleged shooter is Raul Vega, 19, and the others are Hector Barragan, 28, Christopher Mancinas, 29, and Javier Lopez, 20.

Investigators say the suspects were looking to retaliate against a rival gang member. Instead, they began following a man on his way to band practice at his church in Oakland.

The CHP will only say they linked the suspects with evidence from the scene and leads from the public. Through it all, Dewey's family says they forgive the killers.

"He's free of all pain. He is not suffering. But we're the ones who are suffering. So in the end he wasn't hurt, but we are. And if you're out to get someone, just think, that's not the way to hurt them, because you're hurting us. And we don't even know you," said Dewey's fiancé, Breana Whitney.