Mayor Lee addresses America's Cup concerns

San Francisco's Mayor Ed Lee addressed some of the concerns surrounding the America's Cup.

January 18, 2011 12:20:32 PM PST
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is beginning the work to understand the needs of waterfront businesses that may have to move for the America's Cup sailing race.

Lee is very enthusiastic about the America's Cup and did not tackle the topic about the businesses that might have to be relocated because it, but a supervisor handled that issue.

Lee simply talked about getting ready for the race and took a tour of Pier 27. This pier will be the area where most of the visitor's activities will be center, and will be similar to an Olympic village. Afterward, Lee said he is ready to start preparing the area.

"The places on the waterfront, we are looking to that kind of relocation. We are doing our best to find places for tenants, but the America's Cup is demanding, for a short time, is demanding a great deal of space, and that seems to us the best use of our waterfront starting in 2012," Port of San Francisco Director Jonathan Stern.

Stern addressed the issue of the nearly 80 businesses on the list that could be forced out of their location to make room for the America's Cup, and Lee was simply ecstatic that the sailing race is coming to the Bay Area.

"I can't but say that, not only did we make the right decision, the world has made the right decision. This is just considerable one of the most beautiful cities on earth," he said.

Lee also pointed out that the America's Cup is expected to bring $1.4 billion to the Bay Area economy starting now. He expects teams to start arriving and building their ships very soon. Soon after Lee spoke SF Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi took the microphone and spoke about the businesses that may have to be relocated to make room. He said the city will hold hearings to speak about what businesses need to be relocated and what needs to be done to help them.