One penny makes all the difference for a rebate

January 19, 2011 7:20:30 PM PST
Think a penny isn't worth much? One man proved that wrong, and in more than one way.

Chris Rasmussen got his daughter a bike for Christmas. It is the perfect beach cruiser for a young woman living in Santa Cruz. It is made by a company called Electra.

"I paid $399.99 for it and as I was loading it into my truck the owner of the store came in and said 'here, mail this rebate in and you'll get $25,'" he said.

It was a pretty good deal, and Chris still has the paperwork for the $25 rebate offered. But when the check came in the mail, it was only for $10.

"So I called and the lady at Electra Bike and asked what the problem was and she said 'you didn't spend $400 you spent $399.99.' I said, 'so over a penny you aren't going to give me a rebate? I said, this isn't right,'" he said.

So Chris contacted 7 On Your Side and Electra told us, "Mr. Rasmussen's purchase total was $399.99 and thus only qualified for the $10.00 rebate. We worked very hard to make sure the program guidelines were outlined and clearly stated."

The rebate instructions read $400 or more and his receipt said $399.99. But Chris wasn't done, so he went back to the bike shop and re-did the deal.

"He allowed me to return the bike and then gave me a new receipt. I gave him two pennies more and I got a receipt for $400.01 and I mailed it in. I got my rebate, it came in the mail three days ago," he said.

Chris said the guys at the bike shop is Scotts Valley were great every step of the way.