Medical marijuana users get pot soft drink

January 24, 2011 7:16:41 PM PST
A California entrepreneur has plans to market a line of medical marijuana soft drinks.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are carrying an increasing number of edibles or so called medibles, which are food products containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Some medical marijuana patients who don't like the idea of smoking prefer cookies, crackers and even beverages.

Daminan Gunther has tried a line of products by Cana Catering that are sold with the names "Leisurely Lemonade" and "Compassion Fruit Punch."

"It's really a chill cool drink. It tastes really good," he said.

A new drink containing THC that will be launched next month in Colorado is creating new concerns among critics. The beverage has an aggressive and flashy marketing look.

"This should appear to be a legitimate form of medication, not a soda pop that children could easily confuse as a real soda pop," Regional Director of the National Narcotic officer's Association Coalition Bob Cooke said.

While the product will not be sold in California yet, founder and manager of SJCBC in San Jose, Dave Hodges, says any medical marijuana product has to be targeting patients with real medical needs and is no more a threat to children than prescription pills in the house.

"Pills are just as easy to get their hands on and should be kept in a safe place and that is the responsibility of the parent," he said.