About 1,000 jobs featured at 'Hire Event' job fair

January 26, 2011 6:49:22 PM PST
More than 900 jobs were available today at the "Hire Event" ABC7 News sponsored with the Jobs Journal.

At the South San Francisco Conference Center there was a sign of an improving job market, because there were more jobs than applicants.

"We offer full insurance package, medical, dental and vision. It takes effect first of the month after 90 days, and it includes spouse and dependents," Andy Koehler from Big 5 said.

Big 5 Sporting Goods is looking for management trainees. The salary is in the low 30s, but the position comes with medical, dental and vision for spouses and dependents.

Steve Gomez of Burlingame has been looking for work for six months after being laid off from the graveyard shift at Walgreens. He turned in his resume and Big 5 says they're looking to staff three new stores in the Bay Area.

"I told them that I would fit right in and they just really just gave me the background and told me what kind of opportunity I could have with Big 5," Gomez said.

Verizon has 100 job openings.

"The positions that we have available are sales and customer service in our retail store," Verizon recruiter Katy Riker said.

About half of the companies were offering commission sales jobs, but the others had salaries and benefits and employers are actively pitching.

The longest line at the job fair was at manpower Staffing.

"They have a lot of openings, hundreds and hundreds of openings," job fair coordinator Kathy Caricato said.

Caricato says that's another good sign. When temp agencies are booming, it means more permanent jobs are coming.

"It means that we are recovering, it's coming," she said.

Companies came to the fair with 1,000 job openings and about 550 applicants showed up. In the Central Valley she says it's exactly the opposite -- many more applicants and fewer available jobs.

"So if somebody needs a job, come on down," she said.