911 tapes of El Paseo murder-suicide released

January 27, 2011 5:25:29 PM PST
The employees at Peet's Coffee in the El Paseo de Saratoga shopping center said they did not want to talk to the media, but the 911 tapes on the night of a murder inside the shop speak to how they calmly dealt with a frightening and chaotic situation.

The emergency call came into dispatch at 9:18 on the night of Jan. 15. The female caller told police she needed to have them escort a customer from the store immediately because the person was causing problems. Just 15 seconds after the call came in, a person can be heard saying "Holy sh**" and then the caller tells the dispatcher, "He has a gun or knife or a gun. He has a gun or a knife."

The caller confirms it is a gun and then starts directing customers into the bathroom. Then there is a scream and the caller says, "Oh my God, he shot somebody! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! Oh my God."

The caller goes on to answer questions from the dispatcher about the shooter's description as well as the victim. Police say the caller did an incredible job under extremely difficult circumstances.

"These are things she was doing under tremendous amount of fear, stress and pressure," San Jose Police Sgt. Jason Dwyer said.

Unknown at the time, the victim was Maurice Nasmeh, the prime suspect in the 2001 disappearance of Jeannine Harms. The man who shot him and a few minutes later committed suicide in the parking lot was Harm's brother Wayne Sanchez.

Police are still analyzing evidence in the 2001 case to see if Nasmeh was involved in Harms' disappearance, an allegation he had long denied.