Tedford roots for Packers, former Cal QB


"I think he's so confident in what he's doing that that spreads to everybody else. It's very infectious and so looking at the Green Bay team, you can tell how it looks like they really love Aaron. You have to take your hat off to the Green Bay organization to know what they had in Aaron. You know, when you're letting a guy as great as Brett Farve go on his way, it was obvious they knew what they had with Aaron," says Tedford.

When asked how proud was he of Aaron, Tedford said he was "really proud of, not just that he's at the Super Bowl, but the way he's handled himself through the whole thing, the character. I know a lot of Cal people are so proud of him and take a lot of pride in knowing that he's a Cal Bear. And we text back and forth all the time and try to keep in touch and he stayed grounded. And I want to see him win that Super Bowl, that's for sure."

How many guys can make you forget about Farve? That says a lot about Rodgers.

"The level that Aaron is playing at right now, you know, I think you have to mention him with the best in the game. You put him in a category with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as far as throwing the football and you add in his mobility and the way he's able to use his legs, I think he's the best one in the NFL right now," says Tedford.

When asked if he was pulling for the Packers, Tedford says, "Oh, absolutely. We have to root for the Packers and I'll be front and center rooting for those guys."

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