Climber falls 1,000 feet and lives

January 31, 2011 10:22:12 PM PST
A climber fell 1,000ft down a mountain and survived.

"I'm extremely, extremely lucky," said Adam Potter.

Potter lost his footing at the summit of a mountain in Scotland. He tumbled over three cliffs on the way down before he was stopped by a boulder. Potter was falling so fast he couldn't see what was coming next.

"A lot of those freefall parts I couldn't see them coming, and so I didn't even have time to think about them. I think the last cliff, I'd lost a lot of my speed before I got to it, and I was actually in a position where I could see what was coming and that's what filled me with a bit of dread, on that moment there, cause I could see what I was about to go over and I thought that might be it," said Potter.

But that wasn't it. A Navy rescue helicopter happened to be in the area on a training exercise and quickly picked potter up. They found him standing up and looking at a map. Potter has some back injuries, cuts to his face, and whiplash, but he is basically OK. Rescue workers believe snow helped cushion his fall.