Influx of pigeons cause headache for businesses

March 10, 2011 8:46:47 PM PST
What apparently started out as a ceremony for good luck has had unintended consequences in Milpitas. The owner of a business at a Milpitas industrial park released dozens of domesticated pigeons on Sunday afternoon. Workers from other businesses at the complex were then faced with some new and unusual neighbors.

"Since Monday they have been walking around aimlessly looking for food, water and shelter," Erika Ortiz said.

But the release has turned out to be not so lucky. It could violate city codes and more importantly, the pigeons are suffering. At least one has been run over and others are getting sick.

Michelle De'Arman says she took one to the humane society because it had a visible infection and others look like they are suffering as well.

"He had a swollen eye and like, you could touch him and he would almost fall over," De'Arman said.

Thursday, San Jose Animal Care and Services stepped in. The person responsible for the release has promised to recapture the pigeons by Friday and take them to a location in Gilroy.

"Allegedly it is a big enough area for the pigeons and somebody is going to be able to care for them, fed them," Sgt. Jay Terrado said.

Terrado says Animal Services will follow up to make sure the owner does relocate the birds by this weekend.

No one at the business which released the birds answered the door Thursday or returned ABC7's phone call.