Residents in Pleasanton still warned about water


Crews were able to complete a bypass of the water main on Pleasanton Ridge and they are now working on repairing the system, the director, Daniel Smith, said this morning.

The 10 or so homes that have been without water should have service restored today, and the remaining homes that have been experiencing low pressure should expect it to start normalizing this weekend.

Residents should still conserve the amount of water they use, Smith said, because the bypass provides less water than the regular water main.

Most of the affected homes, which have little or no potable water, are located in unincorporated Alameda County, he said.

The outage affects residents who receive a water bill from the city of Pleasanton in upper Kilkare Canyon, which stretches from Pleasanton Ridge to Sunol, Smith said. Several homes on upper Longview Drive have also been affected, along with some at the end of Santos Ranch Road.

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