4 arrested, fifth sought in SF teen's murder


The signs of just how much Andy will be missed are all over Thurgood Marshall High -- from a memorial wall students built in the school hallway, to a flag outside flying at half-staff, to cyberspace where a Facebook page has been created in his honor. But it is Andy's smile that principal Guillermo Morales says the school will miss most.

"We were all in shock, only because you don't imagine this happening to any of your students, but definitely not someone like Andy," said Morales.

The 16-year-old was found dead inside a Silver Terrace neighborhood home at 4:30 a.m. Sunday. The death was reported to police as a suicide, but investigators say it was a murder.

Police won't say how Andy died, just that they found some very suspicious materials at the scene.

"There was some kind of petroleum, kerosene gasoline, some type of fluid that was at the scene," said SFPD Ofc. Albie Esparza. "It was sufficient enough that it caused the neighborhood to smell like this fluid."

Four boys, 15 to 18 years old, were arrested Sunday and Monday. Police are still searching for a fifth teen. What the relationship is, police won't say. They were acquaintances and did not go to school together. One of the suspects lives in the home where Andy's body was found.

"The charges range from homicide, to attempted arson, to conspiracy," said Esparza.

At Thurgood Marshall High, so many questions and so few answers about the death of someone who never seemed to have a problem with anyone.

"That's also one of the reasons why people are struggling so much is it's hard to accept if you don't know exactly what you're accepting right now," said Morales.

Police are not saying what the motive is, but they are saying his that they believe this killing was not gang related.

Wednesday a 15-year-old suspect will be in court facing charges of murder, attempted arson and using an incendiary device

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