Conte: "They didn't prove that he lied"

April 13, 2011 7:06:52 PM PDT
The Barry Bonds perjury trial all stemmed from the slugger's 2003 testimony before a grand jury looking into the Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) steroid scandal. Victor Conte founded BALCO and served time in prison for his role in the scandal.

Conte told ABC7 he believes the verdict makes absolutely no sense and doesn't understand how you can convict someone of obstruction when you haven't even proved that he's lying.

Bonds' legal troubles began with BALCO. Federal agents seized steroids and human growth hormones from BALCO in a raid in 2003. They also seized documents linking some athletes to performance-enhancing drugs. Prosecutors have maintained Bonds was one of them, but Conte believes federal prosecutors never really had a case.

"I don't believe they did, no. What is the case? They didn't prove that he lied, so if he didn't lie, how did he obstruct?" said Conte.

Asked if he thought Bonds was lying, Conte replied, "I've said from the very beginning that I have no direct knowledge of Barry using drugs. Is it highly suspicious? Absolutely. No question about that."

Conte believes Bonds will never go to prison and that he will probably win on appeal. He does, however, believe that Bonds' reputation has been forever sullied.