Fire officials react to bin Laden death

Lynn Tierney is a former deputy fire commissioner in New York who now lives in the Bay Area. She said Monday that while she has a hard time celebrating anyone's death, she appreciates the heroism behind the bin Laden operation.

"I felt that there's some measure of justice that finally prevailed and mostly I'm filled with pride about the president's actions and the actions of the Navy Seals who took part in the operation," Tierney said.

Menlo Park Fire Chief Harold Schapelhouman participated in the Ground Zero recovery efforts; his enthusiasm over bin Laden's death was also tempered.

"Quite honestly it doesn't undo what was done, you can't unring the bell, you can't change what it is that we had to do to go through day after day working in the rubble of destruction that he created," he said.

Schapelhouman is hoping his trip to New York for the 10-year anniversary of Sept. 11 in September will bring closure to what he witnessed at Ground Zero.

President Obama will visit Ground Zero on Thursday.

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