Prosecution rests in Bailey murder trial


Defense attorneys will not make any opening statements. They will call just a handful of witnesses and wrap up in a couple of days.

The lawyer for Bey IV, Gene Peretti, says prosecutors have so far failed to prove the former leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery ordered a hit on the Oakland Post editor to silence him

"In fact, I'm really prepared to rely on the state of the evidence the way it is right now," said Peretti.

Prosecutor Melissa Krum made her case without speaking to reporters.

Bey IV's lawyer says he will call just one witness. He would only say who it will not be -- Bey IV.

"I don't think there's sufficient evidence to prove his guilt, and I don't see any point in him taking the stand," said Peretti.

The prosecution's final witness was Oakland Police Sgt. Derwin Longmire. Criticized for having a close relationship with the bakery, he denied promising Bey IV that he would not be charged with Bailey's murder.

Defense attorneys will turn their attention back to the trial's star witness, Devaughndre Broussard. They hope to challenge the credibility of the former bakery member who says he followed Bey IV's order and shot Bailey in the head as he walked to work.

"We're going to put some witnesses on kind of jointly, partly to impeach Mr. Broussard even more, if that's possible," said Peretti.

Attorneys could give their closing arguments as soon as next week, and after that, this case will be handed over to the jury for deliberations.

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