Daughter removed from "Botox Mom's" care


(5/18 UPDATE: Since this report first aired, the woman featured in this story has retracted her earlier statements. In a sworn declaration obtained by TMZ, she says the whole thing was a hoax that began when she was approached by British tabloid "The Sun." ABC News is currently investigating this new information.)

>> Report: Mother made up Botox story for money


A national controversy exploded when a mother admitted to giving her daughter regular Botox injections. Monday ABC7 learned that the girl has been removed from her mother's care.

It is hard to get complete details because of state and federal confidentiality laws when it comes to child abuse accusations but ABC7 talked to the mother's cousin Monday and is learning new details.

Despite the rumors, the story is no hoax, the cousin says. The mother's name is Keri Campbell and she does live in the Bay Area, but not the city of San Francisco.

Eight-year-old Britney Campbell told a nationwide television audience last week that her mom regularly injected her with Botox so she would be beauty pageant ready. Kerri Campbell's cousin says the injections started as a treatment for the little girl's rash.

Monday, ABC News reported Britney had been taken from her mother's custody.

Trent Rhorer heads up San Francisco's Human Services Department, which investigated the case. He says a child's removal from a home is a last resort.

"I trust if that is indeed what happened, I would trust the social worker's judgment because again, what the reports from the doctors we consulted with indicated there is very serious risks to a kid subjected to Botox injections," Rhorer said.

The story about the "Botox mom" originated in the British tabloid, The Sun. Kerri Campbell's cousin Michelle told ABC7 other pageant moms got upset about the Botox revelations, and that Campbell went on Good Morning America to admit she did it and to encourage other mothers to stop.

But, Michelle says, the television appearance back fired and Campbell's daughter was taken away on Saturday and has been placed with a close family friend.

Because the family does not live in San Francisco, the city's investigation is over and the city no longer has a role in the case, but apparently another child protective agency has stepped in.

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