The secret is out about KJ Choi's irons

Those of us with sharp eyes recognized his irons, however. They were Miura CB-501's... the same new irons I tested and raved about in a review last year. KJ played the 4-iron through pitching wedge, plus two Miura wedges.

This is a symbolic victory for the elite Japanese club maker, Katsushiro Miura. While his forgings have earned many previous major championships, this is the first time a PGA tour player won using clubs that had Mr. Miura's name stamped on them, instead of Cleveland, Titleist, Callaway, or TaylorMade, among others. Those companies routinely ask Miura to make clubs for their picky tour players. Yes, his forgings really are that much better.

"We knew KJ was using our irons," said Bill Holowaty from Miura Golf. "If a tour player wants to use our clubs, we supply the head and they supply the shafts."

Unlike other companies, Miura does not pay tour players to swing its clubs. Many of them quietly do, however. Check the bags of Mark Hensby, Nick Price, Frank Licklighter, and Samantha Richdale, along with several bigger names whom the company cannot reveal.

Your giveaway may be to look in the bags without a manufacturer's name on the side.

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