Groups urge McDonald's to stop marketing to kids


A full page ad in the San Francisco Examiner and five other metropolitan newspapers asks the CEO of McDonalds to stop marketing to kids. The letter asks that McDonald's retire Ronald McDonald and also do away with the toys in Happy Meals. The letter is backed by more than 550 health professionals and organizations. But McDonalds released a statement to the Wall Street Journal saying the restaurant is committed to responsible advertising and they serve high quality food.

That's not all -- the fight over toys is on. In San Francisco and Santa Clara County lawmakers were successful at banning toys in Happy Meals. But lawmakers in other states are struggling in their fight against the toys.

The LA Times is reporting there's a trend happening across the country -- lobbyists for the fast food restaurants are aggressively lobbying against the effort and they're winning. The feeling from the restaurants is parents should decide, not the government.

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