Defense wraps up final arguments in Bailey murder trial


The leader of Your Black Muslim Bakery had no reason to order Chauncey Bailey's assassination. That was the closing argument Yusuf Bey IV's lawyer made for an Oakland jury on Thursday. He said the bakery's bankruptcy was public record, allegations that Yusuf Bey Sr. molested minors was old news.

Prosecutors claim Bey ordered a hit on the Oakland Post editor to stop another story about the bakery's money troubles. But Bey IV lawyer Gene Peretti told the jury: "It's not a significant motive. It's not a secret that Yusuf didn't like Mr. Bailey."

Bailey's brother calls the case a slam dunk.

"I understand it's the attorney's job to defend everyone and everyone has a right, but it's just ridiculous," said Errol Cooley, Bailey's brother.

Bey's lawyer says the DA tried to demonize him by showing the jury videos of a liquor store vandalism in 2005 and a secret police recording where Bey laughs about Bailey being shot in the head. The defense says all that really matters is testimony from the DA's star witness -- Bailey's admitted shooter, Devaughndre Broussard.

And lawyers for Bey and Antoine Mackey-- the bakery associate accused of driving the murder getaway car-- told the jury to ignore every word of it.

Peretti told the jury: "Mr. Broussard is a stone cold murderer, admittedly. A flat out cold-blooded murderer. Somebody that almost does it for sport."

In a plea deal, Broussard will serve 25 years in exchange for his testimony against his friends.

Prosecutor Melissa Krum told jurors: "To say the man got a deal, he did…but sometimes you've got to make a deal with a demon to get the devil."

Outside court, Bey's lawyer couldn't say why Broussard, a bakery handyman, would have wanted bailey dead.

"Who knows why he did. I don't know if he did it because he thought it would be something that would score him some points," said Peretti.

Bailey's family wants justice to be served.

"Everybody has a mother, even Bey. So I spoke to Bey's mother, and she's a very nice lady, and that's her son regardless and so everybody's affected," said Cooley.

The jury could begin deliberations next week.

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