Students suspended for alleged white power t-shirts

May 27, 2011 1:01:42 PM PDT
Five seniors at Soquel High School in Santa Cruz County have been suspended after complaints surfaced about a senior class photo in which they were wearing white t-shirts, which school officials consider attire associated with a small white power group on the 1,000 student campus.

Students confirmed to ABC7 News that they have seen seniors doing a Nazi salute in public,and swastikas have been carved into desks.

The district superintendent and high school principal will not identify the students nor discuss details of the suspensions, other than to say they were enforcing school rules against students wearing gang attire. Superintendent Gary Bloom said that he is aware that there is a white power gang off-campus that may be trying to recruit students.

However, no student interviewed by ABC7 was aware of such activity. Instead, Soquel freshmen and sophomores said it was more of a joke among a few seniors, who may not have been aware that the Nazi salute and swastikas were offensive to others.

The senior class photo will be retaken, according to Bloom.

We'll have more on this developing story later today online and on ABC7 News at 4 and 6.