ABC7 gets music going again on man's Sirius radio


"I like certain music," Boddy says. "You can pick and choose (with) no commercials."

One day, things changed.

"All of a sudden, it went dead on me. It didn't have any music," Boddy said.

Boddy called Sirius to find out why his radio suddenly stopped working, and that's when the mystery deepened.

"They told me I'd called in, canceled my service and that I don't have a car anymore," Boddy said. "I said, you gotta be kidding me! My car is sitting in the driveway. I'm sitting in my car right now!"

Sirius also told Boddy it had sent him a refund check for the half-year he didn't use the service. However, Boddy says he did not cancel his Sirius subscription and certainly did not receive any refund.

"I said, you mean to tell me I paid twice for the same service?" Boddy said. "He said, 'that's the only way you can get your money back is to talk to someone from corporate.'"

Weeks passed without a refund, and Boddy had started to think someone had posed as him, canceled his account and taken his refund.

That's when Boddy called 7 On Your Side. We got Sirius to get serious and look into the case.

The company told ABC7 News the cancellation was caused "by mistake" but would not explain what that mistake was.

A Sirius spokesperson did not want to speak on camera but did say in a statement that "human error on our part led to the deletion of the account. We apologized to Mr. Boddy and we fixed the account. There is no reason to worry that his account is not secure."

Sirius also promised to refund Boddy's $76 and added a special bonus -- one year of free service.

"I said, that's great!" Boddy said. "It's great that 7 On Your Side really helped me."

In a follow-up interview, Boddy said he had indeed received that one free year of service.

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