Portland drains reservoir after man urinates in it


The surveillance video shows 21-year-old Joshua Seater taking an impromptu restroom break early Wednesday morning. Security spotted him and immediately shut down the water supply. By daylight, the city had flushed nearly eight million gallons of water to the tune of $36,000.

"More likely than not, a tiny bit of urine in almost eight million gallons of water isn't going to hurt anybody," said David Shaff of the Portland Water Bureau. "In this one, I guess I'm responding in part to the yuck factor."

"I had a pleasant buzz. I should have known better," said Seater. "It was a split-second thing and as soon as I was done I was like. 'Oh man.'"

Police say Seater could face misdemeanor charges and fines, and they add, he should have chosen a bush.

Seater says he's willing to do community service to clean up the reservoir.

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