Gay pride kicks off in San Francisco


People gathered at Dolores Park Saturday evening to celebrate one of many gay pride events.

"It means pride in every way," said San Francisco resident Eileen Grady. "Pride to be here, pride to be alive, to be in the Bay Area, proud of everything we have accomplished."

One huge accomplishment is Friday's decision to allow same sex marriage in New York state. That decision set off celebrations throughout the country.

Plaintiffs who challenged Proposition 8, which denies same-sex marriage in California, say the New York decision re-energizes them in their continuing battle to legalize same-sex marriage in this state.

People in Dolores Park are also thrilled about the New York decision.

"I think it's amazing and fabulous," said Grady. "I think it's wonderful."

While the LGBT community may be celebrating New York's decision, opponents of same-sex marriage are not.

"I just feel sad for our children," said Pastor Tre Stanton," because the next generation is going to have to deal with a culture where gender doesn't mean anything."

There are now six states along with the District of Columbia that allow same-sex marriage. People in San Francisco hope that signals a trend.

Saturday's events were just one of man over the weekend, which concludes with a large gay pride parade down Market Street on Sunday.

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